MobiFab Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

MobiFab Software Inc. respects your privacy very much. We don’t require you to offer your information when you visit our website. But, for some special purposes, you do have to provide some information in order to get our product, service and help. So, please take a moment to read the following content in detail including on what occasion we need your information, what information we collect, what we use your information for, and how we protect your privacy, to get an overall idea about our privacy practice.

Information provided circumstances

You provide personal information in the following circumstances:

- Order and purchase iPhone Backup Extractor

- Contact our support team

The very information we collected

While ordering iPhone Backup Extractor, your name, address, postal code, email account, credit card information, etc. probably would be collected.

The use of the information

Your information will help us contact you, and let us make you get our product, answer all your related questions, offer help and technical support, and so on to ensure you happy buying and using experience.

Information protected by the 3rd party credit card processors

MobiFab Software Inc. uses security server hosted by Oceanpay and other 3rd party credit card processors which encrypt all your personal information including your name, address, credit card number, credit card expiration date, etc. until it is sent to us. This can prevent any malicious use of your personal information and make sure it is only used for online transition.

Our companywide commitment to your privacy

To make sure your personal information is safeguarded, we’ll never disclose your privacy to any third party. Its delivery is only permitted and stopped in our company. We also take some technical measures to keep your information from theft, loss, misuse, and any other security risk.